Dancing in the Streets Gala

2022 MCU Fundraiser and Gala —
The sunshine has returned, and as we feel it warming our skin and filling our souls we want to get back out there. We want to get back into the streets to celebrate you and me and the progress we’ve made despite the isolation and uncertainty. Let’s celebrate the hope that’s coloring our world again. Join us to turn our mourning into dancing. Dancing in the streets!

May 19, 2022, 6:30 pm at The Polish Heritage Center Continue Reading

Statement on the Removal of Senator Josh Hawley

MCU calls for Hawley to resign

Metropolitan Congregations United(MCU) has issued a statement calling for the resignation of Junior Missouri Senator Josh Hawley. MCU joins hundreds of organizations across the country demanding swift accountability for the instigators of the invasion of the United States Capital on Wednesday, January 6. Continue Reading