People of faith creating just systems through political change.

Metropolitan Congregations United puts faith into action by developing leaders who move their congregations, organizations and communities to change public policy for the common good.

Latest News & Views

Michael Brown Jr. 10th Angelversary Weekend

July 18, 2024
Affirming the Youth in Our Congregations & Communities to Encourage Their Faith & Healing, And Answering a Call to Action The Michael Brown Sr. Chosen For Change Organization (CFC) partners with Metropolitan Congregations United of St. Louis (MCU) and St. John’s Church UCC - The Beloved Community to call for faith and community leaders to […]
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Leader Spotlight: Sandra Keely

June 19, 2024
Story by MCU Leader Kelly Bono Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU) Leader Sandra Keely is on a mission: to help 1000 people expunge their criminal records. One thousand people is no small goal, but Sandra draws power from the number. “In the holy Bible, the number 1000 is very liberally used.” Sandra drew from the spiritual […]
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National Leadership Training (NLT)

June 19, 2024
🎉 What an incredible week! Our local Gamaliel Network National Leadership Training (NLT) "Week-Long" event in St. Louis was a huge success! 🙌 📅 From June 9-15, 2024, leaders from our #MCU Member Network and beyond came together for an intense 7-day #LeadershipTraining. We built power, deepened our skills, and renewed our commitment to creating […]
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The goals we have & the work we do

Decriminalization of Black Residents in St. Louis

Through our Break-The-Pipeline campaign, we address the school to prison pipeline in St. Louis, starting with reforming youth discipline and moving into expungement and beyond for adults.

Saving Our Collective Home

Our environmental justice organizers continue to make strides in
building community partnerships and developing teams to lead
essential policy change efforts.
McKinley Bridge march for clean air
Dismas House Rally

End Discrimination Against the Formerly Incarcerated 

EXPO works to end mass incarceration, eliminate all forms of structural discrimination against formerly incarcerated people & restore them to full citizenship.
“Organizing is about relationships.”

Jai Johnson

Voter Engagement Organizer

Your Support Makes The Work Possible

At MCU, we know that in order to build power, we have to organize people AND organize money. The people who have money continue to disrupt, disenfranchise and systemically step on those who don’t.

With increased funding over the past few years, we have already made drastic shifts to our team – including hiring new organizers AND equipping them with essentials like health insurance, data tools and more. With the addition of new organizers, our impact multiplied by giving us more hands on deck to pull more impacted individuals into the work — our numbers are growing, our power is expanding and our wins will continue.
MCU puts faith into action by developing leaders who move their congregations, organizations and communities to change public policy for the common good.
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