Meeting Our Neighbors…Sharing Our Issues

Four Meetings, Four Districts4 Meetings, 4 Districts. One is near YOU!

Join us with a crew from your church or your neighborhood to knock doors and talk to our neighbors about CLEAN and RUM!  We will provide a brief training on how to go door-to-door, and then we will head out into the neighborhood together.  Never canvassed before?  Don’t worry – this is a perfect opportunity to get your feet wet.  We are all learning together, and we plan on making a big splash in our community during this election season! Bring a friend!

Reclaim Our Democracy. No More Sitting Out!

MCU congregations are taking back the decision making in our schools. We have challenged the overuse of out of school suspension of our children of color, the overuse of police for discipline, lack of trauma care trained teachers, and more. We are getting results, but do you know how your districts stands up? We will also launch a final push toward the November mid-terms and getting a win on our issues: CLEAN and RUM. Join us at one of the meetings near you (see listed times and places). We’ll hear from our school district administrators and the police on how our children are being treated.

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