Sacred Votes 20:20

Public Meeting Follow-Up

After the July 19 public meeting MCU congregations began to build teams to engage their neighbors. We’ll be learning about our neighbors and their concerns and sharing the importance of getting out to vote. 

Each congregation is working to increase the voting participation in their neighborhood by 20%. MCU will provide each congregation with an analysis of their congregation’s neighborhood.

Voting is our public voice, the way we shape our community. Engaging our neighbors and fellow voters insures everyone has their say in how our community will work.

Here’s what those teams will be doing:

September: final reminders for Census and start Get Out the Vote conversations

October: Get Out The Vote conversations

November: final Get Out The Vote push for November 3 election

Training will be on how to do phone banking and no-contact door-to-door canvassing.

Organizer Jai Johnson will train you and your team and help with building a congregational strategy. Contact her at

MCU Staff