St. Louis Pride: Ntosake Women Gathering for Success!

Your 2021 goals are important and deserve a real plan. Let’s do it together!

That’s what a Pride is for: getting every woman to her goal. 

On February 18, we meet to follow up on all our goal setting and follow up on our November 2020 national meeting: 

  • Discover or refine your “North Star” (from Cecilia Munoz’ book More than Ready)
  • Work with other women to strategize how you will get to your “North Star”
  • Pick a Partner…..working in partnership to be the best we can be. And reach that North Star 
  • Build a team for the September national Ntosake event…hopefully in person, in Illinois!

Register HERE for this important meeting on Thursday, February 18


Thursday, February 18, 6:30pm-8pm

(waiting room opens at 6pm. Meeting starts at 6:30pm)

MCU Staff