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How can you help support the important work that Metropolitan Congregations United does every day in and with our communities and people?

You can make a one-time gift!  Even better, join our community of Monthly Sustainers. 

Sustainership affirms your commitment to providing reliable funding to our work in this community, especially equipping community organizers and leaders with the training they need to build the effective power required to dismantle institutional racism.

No matter how big, every donation increases our ability to do more. Please consider becoming a Sustainer, so we can plan further into the future of each campaign.

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You can use our donation form below to make a single donation or become a Sustainer. If you would like to become a Sustainer right now, please check the option Make this a monthly donation on the payment form. It couldn’t be easier to make a lasting impact.

If you would rather not make your donation online, you can always use a regular check made out to Metropolitan Congregations United and send it to the following address:

Metropolitan Congregations United
4501 Westminster Pl.
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If you have questions about supporting MCU or would like to make other arrangements to become a Sustainer, you can call us at 314-367-3484

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Metropolitain Congregations United is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This means all donations to us are tax-deductible and will be handled according to the applicable laws defining such organizations. Make your donation by December 31 to ensure that it can be deducted this year’s taxes.

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