Action Alert: St. Louis and Missouri’s COVID-19 Response

STL-MO COVID-19 Response

Have you read the Open Letter that MCU and several other organizations have signed on to, calling for our city, county, and state officials and leaders to particularly consider at-risk populations in their response to the COVID-19 coronavirus?

If you have, and are with us in our call for response, please sign our petition to show your support for state-wide and local COVID-19 responses that recognize our common humanity, with particular care for at-risk populations! As this virus continues to test our societal systems and structures, it becomes more and more clear, if it wasn’t before, that we belong to each other. Our great strengths are truly in our relationships with, and how we treat one another both individually AND societally.


Rebecca Klemme Eliceiri

Ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), MCU leader, and librarian who is always interested in equipping people to integrate thoughts and prayers with missional action so we can better work together to build and reveal God's realm.