Stop House Bill 12! Save Our Children and Youth!

House Bill 12HB/HB12 is replacing Senate Bill 1/SB! SB1 contained such items as deciding the residentcy of St. Louis Metropolitan Police offiers, allowing the Missouri Attorney General to take over cases from the St. Louis Circuit Attorney, and worse….make it easier to charge children under the age of 17 as adults in the criminal justice system.

This is exactly opposite of what we have been working on in our Break the Pipeline campagin. In fact, this provision practically guarantees that hundreds of primarily Black children will be turned over for adult certification and possibly on to adult prison. All in the name of justice. The is no justice here; only destruction. After the work put into RAISE THE AGE , we cannot let this backwards move occur.

Senate Bill 1 proved tto be in violation in some of its intent and the Legislative Rules Committee stopped it before it could be voted on by both chambers. It has now been broken in to six separate bills. House Bill 12 is now the bill to beat. It is the stand alone bill determined to send children into adult certification hearings.

There will be a committee hearing Monday, August 17, 2pm for the purpose of deciding if it has enough merit to go on to the floor of the House for debate and a vote. WE SAY STOP IT NOW!

Here’s what you can do…..

  1. Write a letter to the editor of the St. Louis American in response to the just published article by Rev. Dr. Starsky Wilson of Deaconess and Kristian Blackmon of the Campaign for Youth Justice. Read the article HERE
  2. Write a letter against the HB12 and direct it towards the Special Committee on Criminaal Justice members listed HERE . Jeanette Mott Oxford of Empower Missouri will be taking these written letters to the hearing on Monday. This must be done by Sunday! Email Jeanette at if you want to send a letter with her.
  3. The hearing will  be streaming live HERE . Click on the Committee link and it will take you to the stream. Watch it, use your email network and social media to encourage others to as well.
  4. Call your own legislators. Let them know children don’t belong in adult prisons.

Susan Sneed