EXPO-STL Dismas House Success…Join the Action NOW!!

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the Dismas House action on December 17. What a great success! Dismas House is a stately cross covered building, full of heartache, disease and violence that doesn’t deserve the $43 million of Federal dollars it has been receiving over the last 5 years. It has failed its mission which means failed the residents who expected guidance in returning to the community after incarceration.

Speakers, including EXPO-STL leaders Tracy Stanton and Ronnie Amiyn highlighted the years long failures at Dismas House:

  • multiple resident-on-resident attacks with guns and other weapons resulting in serious injury and death. The latest in November 2020.
  • lack of educational and job training opportunities and other re-entry necessities, like obtaining post-Dismas House housing
  • drug overdoses often with little or no medical intervention

All this from a facility that touts its reentry successes and gun-/drug-free environment.

Join in the protest of this mismanaged operation by contacting Specialist Kevin J. Hoff, Federal Bureau of Prisons.  Tell him:

“My name is __________ I’m a concerned citizen and taxpayer. I’m calling in support of all formerly incarcerated people. There should be no renewal of the Federal contract with Dismas House in St. Louis.”

If you can’t talk to a real person, leave a message.

For more information about EXPO-STL text EXPOSTL to 31996

Susan Sneed