Join EXPO & Our Lives Matter Call To Action – October 15, 2020

Expo (Ex-Incarcerated People Organizing) and Our Lives Matter has partnered for a Call of Action to address the dehumanizing and inhumane conditions of MDOC. Our family members, loved ones and friends are being treated like brutes.

Our people are not able to fight for themselves therefore, we have a responsibility to expose the injustices that are taking place inside of MDOC. The men and women at the facilities need US right now. We have called, written letters, and filed grievances yet the Director of MDOC or the prison authorities still haven’t deemed it necessary to release anyone or protect the lives of those incarcerated. It is time to ACT!!! It is time to meet them at their front door. We are asking everyone to fill out the form listed below if you are interested. Will you join us In Jeff City???

Thursday, Oct. 15, 10am – 11am

Gather at in the rotunda of the Capital building at 9:45pm.

MCU Staff