Save the Bill, Save Our Youth

At a virtual rally on Thursday, December 10, MCU’s Juvenile Justice Task Force, the Family Partners leaders and Campaign for Juvenile Justice brought attention to implementation of the Raise the Age Bill. This bill, passed in 2018, raise that age at which a youth is automatically certified an adult in the court/prison system from 17 to 18. Joined by Rick Gaines, the Chief Juvenile Officer for St. Louis County and Ben Burkemper, Family Court Administrator for St. Louis County, MCU has issued a CALL TO ACTION. Going into effect in January 2021, the new Raise the Age is already being threatened: no funds have been allocated to implement this crucial and overdue change in the system.

Call the leaders of Missouri’s  Blue Ribbon Panel on Juvenile Justice: Allocate the funding… save our youth…do your job!

Rep. Nick Schroer, bill sponsor/House

Sen. Wayne Wallingford, co-sponsor/Senate; vice-chair, Blue Ribbon Panel

Rep. David Evans, chair, Blue Ribbon Panel

MCU Staff