December Rally for Raise The Age

Raise The Age December Rally

On January 1, 2012, Missouri will join 45 other states that have “Raised the Age” of juvenile jurisdiction.

In 2018 MCU worked to successfully pass Raise The Age. It changed the law on the age at which a youth is automatically certified an adult when detained by the police. We raised it from 17 to 18 and it will take effect in 2021. The change requires extra funding for the Juvenile Division to accommodate extra youth, for housing, meals, education, counseling, medical care, substance abuse care, etc.

Join us on via Zoom on Thursday, December 10, 5pm to learn about how Raise the Age will ultimately impact the system and Missouri’s youth. We’ll also learn the work ahead of us to be sure Raise the Age is implemented in a timely fashion and correctly. We will leave no youth behind.

We are MCU and we are Breaking the Pipeline!!

MCU Staff