Statement on the Removal of Senator Josh Hawley

MCU calls for Hawley to resign

Metropolitan Congregations United Adds Its Name to Call for Resignation

Metropolitan Congregations United(MCU) has issued a statement calling for the resignation of Junior Missouri Senator Josh Hawley. MCU joins hundreds of organizations across the country demanding swift accountability for the instigators of the invasion of the United States Capital on Wednesday, January 6.

“Josh Hawley led our entire political system to a cross, falsely accused it with lies about election fraud, and sought to crucify it,” said Rev. James Ross II, president of the MCU board of directors, speaking at a Resign Hawley rally on January 12.  “But the crucifixion was not successful. Instead, our trust in Hawley died. Now, more than three days have passed. Sunday has come and gone, and it has not resurrected. And so, it is time for Hawley to resign.” 

The following statement is issued by the board of directors of MCU:

“Metropolitan Congregations United calls for the resignation of the Junior Senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley for his role in promoting a lie about our election which directly led to the violent attack on the US Capitol on Wednesday. Senator Hawley has been a primary instigator in the effort to disenfranchise voters and destabilize our democracy. He has violated his oath of office and encouraged the violence that claimed five lives. We join our neighbors throughout the St. Louis region and all of Missouri in condemning this action and calling for Senator Hawley to resign. Called by our faith traditions, we at MCU work toward community, justice and love and we believe that words and intent matter.”

The membership of MCU will be meeting on Tuesday, January 19 at 6pm to discuss this issue and others facing the community in the next year. MCU has been engaged in the issues of the School to Prison Pipeline and related issues of racial inequity including issues encountered by the formerly incarcerated.  Registration is open and required for this virtual event found HERE 

MCU Staff