MCU Gala 2023 Recap

October 23, 2023
Emmaline Giles

Season of Change, Leadership Transition, & Transformation

We listened, we cried, we laughed, we ate, we danced, we built community, and created joy!

MCU hosted our 2nd Annual Gala on October 5th to celebrate growth, hope, community power building, and a season of change in our executive leadership. The evening brought community members from across the St. Louis Region together to create joy, new friendships, and lasting memories. The main message during the event was clear: "the heart of MCU is you, and people like you - who’s faith has moved you to confront the forces of racism, sexism, and other evils in our community."

Attendees heard from a number of MCU Organizers, leaders, and local change-makers sharing updates on current initiatives, personal stories of what justice means to them and why they invest in MCU, and to remind us of the urgent need to continue building power. Attendees were updated on our statewide ballot initiative, Missourians for Healthy Families and Fair Wages, to ensure earned paid sick leave and raise the minimum wage to $15/hr and were challenged to collect "10, turn in 10" to help us move from 100,000 to 170,000 signatures! Folks were also reminded about the power of doing something new and scary as a growing leader and the power of building a team to reach goals collectively while building community.

After hearing such powerful personal stories, guests were asked to chat with their neighbors around what they heard that touched their emotions - what got under their skin, made them want to act, and question what risks they are feeling challenged to take! The energy in the room was palpable and culminated in each table raising a collective $60,000! See our special 2023 Gala Recap Video below for a snapshot of the inspiration and energy built!

MCU 2023 Gala Recap Video


Thank you to those who gave during our Gala! We have already raised more than $60,000 through the event - which is an AMAZING accomplishment of our members, leaders, and organizers.

But we're not done yet. The Gala was a huge spark of giving. Help us reach our year-end goal of $75,000. Make a list of friends to reach out to by phone or email. Consider another gift yourself. Imagine what $75,000 will do to strengthen MCU for the challenges of 2024!

Couldn't Attend our Gala This Year? You Can Still Invest in the Work! Make a one-time investment or become an MCU Sustaining Investor! Every bit helps us continue to fight for change throughout our communities!

Check out our MCU 2023 Justice Work Recap Video Shared During our Gala!

MCU's 2023 Annual Report & Community Resource Book

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