Don’t Navigate the Juvenile Justice System on Your Own: Introducing Family Engagement Partners

Raising children in today’s climate is arguably one of the toughest challenges parents will face. Deciding on the appropriate balance of love, discipline, spoiling, and tough love leaves parents and guardians with questions and doubts about their approach to parenting. Sometimes in the midst of these challenges kids come in contact with the juvenile justice system. This can be stressful, confusing, isolating and embarrassing for families. In these times you need help and support from other parents and friends in the community to navigate you through this journey.

At Metropolitan Congregations United we are here to offer that help. We are a diverse group of faith and community leaders who empower families that have contact with the juvenile court system. We also organize to end the criminalization of black youth in education, policing, and juvenile court systems by introducing reforms in those systems. We aim to end the school to prison pipeline in Missouri. Our Family Partner Campaign is here to support. We provide people to talk with who have been where you are who care about the rights of your children and your family. We provide you with the information you need to learn about laws, your rights, and ways you can help youth who have been arrested or have an active court case with the juvenile justice system. The Family Partner Campaign organizes to transform Missouri’s juvenile justice system to one that treats court-involved youth fairly, while reducing racial and ethnic disparity in the juvenile justice system. We want to be your village. We understand that it’s going to take us all to raise these children. We offer these services at no cost to you or your family. When a young person you love is in the juvenile justice system we are here for you!

To reach a Family Partner please call 314-367-3484 or email:

Susan Sneed