Vehicle Stop Report Proves Targeting

press conference

MCU Stands With Allies

On June 1 the Attorney General of Missouri released the 19th annual Vehicle Stop Report to the public. Today MCU joined allies in informing the public that things aren’t getting better at all. Black drivers are still stopped at twice the rate of white drivers state-wide and up to five times more often in many municipalities. Read the Report HERE.

MCU joined Empower Missouri, Organization for Black Struggle, ACLU, NAACP, Arch City Defenders, and others in calling for action on the part of the state and local law enforcement in weeding out the racism in their ranks and updating profiling laws by providing real accountability. View the press conference below or HERE:

MCU acknowledges that the vehicle stop data only reinforces the fact that Black people of all ages are over-policed and it starts in our schools. The same departments stopping Black drivers are the ones policing our schools. Our children and youth will never have a chance until policy is changed AND enforcements are put in place. One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel full. Remove it.

Catch media coverage of this event with: KMOV, KTRS, St. Louis Public Radio, the St. Louis American and McPherson

Susan Sneed