MCU’s Education Task Force Releases Guide to Resources on Social Justice

MCU’s Education Task Force Releases Guide for Families (or Teachers) Interested in Resources on Social Justice

Just Kids is a guide book filled with lessons and resources curated by MCU’s Education Task Force and geared to helping children understand the issues that have created the “School to Prison Pipeline”.  The activities and readings explore racism, equity, human rights, and advocacy. Resources can be found in the guide that are appropriate for use with children and youth of all ages. The purpose of the collection is to enable adults to help children and youth reflect on how social justice issues impact their own life, their school, and their community. The lessons touch on basic human rights, rules that people live by, and forms of expression. The suggested readings dig deeper into an understanding of how racism impacts lives. Young people are encouraged to consider what is important to them, and then act for positive change in the world. The guide can be found on the MCU website. If you are interested in becoming a part of the Education Task Force, or have questions, please call the MCU Office at 314-367-3484. 

Break the Pipeline Online Learning Guide


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