Sacred Votes

Sacred Votes is MCU’s Integrated Voter Engagement strategy. We organize & equip congregations and people of faith by producing, promoting, and protecting equitable polices & efforts that restore communities & families to wholeness.

The Church, as a group of individuals, has the right and the moral duty to hold the State accountable for how citizens and those under the governance of the State are governed.  Moral convictions are defined as a subjective assessment that one’s attitude about a specific issue or situation is associated with one’s core moral beliefs and fundamental sense of right or wrong. When our faith values and/or principles are violated by those in government, we organize the impacted people to impact policy.

Gathering signatures and winning a ballot initiative are major parts of expanding the voices that contribute to the public sphere.  Public/political wins are attacked by legislatures who choose to not listen to the will of the people.  MCU works to protect the wins by staying engaged with voters and legislatures to encourage the implementation of initiatives that were voiced by & voted on by the people.  We organize phone banks and/or canvasses to re-engage voters to update them on efforts or actions. 


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MCU puts faith into action by developing leaders who move their congregations, organizations and communities to change public policy for the common good.
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