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MCU’s work is organized through intentional campaigns and committee work that support the mission of the organization.

Many MCU congregations conducted Sacred Conversations on Race (+Action) in 2015.  Our congregations declared that the place to begin the most effective work addressing structural and systemic racism would be in the areas of education and policing.  At the same time, leadership from Liberation Christian Church was identifying a third issue: juvenile court reform.  Task forces were developed and a unifying theme emerged:

the school to prison pipeline.  The teams began understanding just how this system is limiting prospects for and criminalizing the lives of young people of color.

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Break the Pipeline Campaign or a Working Taskforce 

Juvenile Justice Task Force

The Juvenile Justice Task Force works to address inequality within the Family Court System. These issues include inadequate access to lawyers, allowing probation officers to be advocates for the children while serving as an arm of the prosecution, and the subjugation of black youth to formal cases and harsher outcomes. The Task Force seeks to address these issues by 1) asking the court to appoint counsel for the youth in every hearing who meet the standards of the National Juvenile Defender Center, 2) having Family Court staff participate in implicit bias, structural racism, and rapid intervention training, and 3) having the Family Court hold stakeholder conversations to create alternatives to detainment and over-commitment to the Division of Youth Services.

Education Task Force

The Education Task Force continues to work to Break the Pipeline. We have commitments from most Metropolitan St. Louis and St. Charles school district superintendents to reduce out of school suspensions for K-3rd graders, and to explore/implement new discipline practices. The ultimate goal is to end out of school suspensions for K-3rd graders. Our goal is to continue to meet with area school superintendents and school boards to ask for and support their efforts to change school district policy to eliminate out of school suspensions for their youngest students, and implement restorative discipline and trauma-informed practices.

Policing Task Force

We understand that every department has its policies, procedures, and practices. Some of them work well and others do not. We are working toward insuring that all police departments are well trained, with community-positive policies and practices that not only foster safety and trust with the civilian population but also protect the men and women in law enforcement.

These are long-term goals of the Police Reform Task Force:

  • Quality, annual implicit bias awareness training for all department employees
  • Quality training on cultural and social interaction.
  • Quality training on appropriate use of force.
  • Collection and reporting to State pedestrian stop data.
  • School Resource Office (SRO) agreements and accountability.
  • For St. Louis City: strengthening the Civilian Oversight Board (COB) with subpoena power and department independence.
  • Passage of a new and improved Police Profiling statue for the State of Missouri.
St. Charles Organizing

St. Charles OrganizingIf you are interested in making policy changes for the common good in St. Charles, reach out to our office at 314-367-3484 or office@mcustl.com