ACTION ALERT: Keep Missouri CLEAN and Raised Up!

Win on 1

Call your State Legislators:

  1. Go to: Legislator Lookup to find your state senator and your state representative.
  2. Tell them: “I am one of the 62% who voted to clean up Missouri politics with Amendment 1 and raise the minimum wage with Prop B.  I knew what I was voting for. Do not steal my vote!”

The Missouri State Legislature is stealing your vote – don’t let them get away with this! 62% of voters in Missouri voted to change the way we do politics in Missouri. We voted to:

  1. end gerrymandering
  2. severely limit lobbyists’ gifts
  3. have more transparency
  4. hire a demographer to draw the district lines and not leave it up to the politicians
  5. get the big money out of campaigns

WE VOTED FOR and PASSED Amendment 1/CLEAN…NOW there are members of the state senate trying to overturn your vote. While Rep Dean Plocher(Des Peres) says: We’re not overturning the will of the people,” the actions of the Missouri Senate are exactly that.

Check out the bills filed by Senators Hegeman (SJR38), O’Laughlin (SJR49), Eigel (SJR54), and Representative Trent (HJR76).

All of them eliminate the demographer that would have replaced the very partisan method of district creation, hide the data used to create districts, and more. These bills in effect would make it seem like Amendment 1 never existed before it even has a chance to work.


62% of voters in Missouri voted to raise the minimum wage. We voted to raise the wage to by 85 cents every year until we get to $12 by 2023.

Now the Missouri Legislation wants to carve some people out, like those working in private/parochial schools. 

Read Rep. Remole’s bill HB1559

62% of the people voted FOR the changes outlined in CLEAN/Amendment 1 and Prop B/Raise Up Missouri(the minimum wage). YOU talked to people to make sure they understood what was at stake and what they were voting for. YOU worked for change and now they want to hold to a  status quo that only works for a select group and not the common good.


Rebecca Klemme Eliceiri

Ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), MCU leader, and librarian who is always interested in equipping people to integrate thoughts and prayers with missional action so we can better work together to build and reveal God's realm.