Be the Change with MCU: Week of May 3

Community Call to Action

Even with social distancing still in place, there’s still plenty going on. The people and institutions who make big decisions that affect us all are still active and are not always making decisions in our best interests, so we must be active too! Our virtual assembly, Protecting Our Community, Lifting Our Voice gave us a rundown of what’s going on and how we can respond together. Watch the whole assembly here if you missed it, and see below for what you can do to respond in powerful, community-affirming ways!

Community Call to Action: Protecting Our Community, Lifting Our Voice
The Now and Future Impact of Covid-19: Elections…Youth…Census

Testimonies from impacted people on April 30 make it clear: we need to act now! Here’s how you can act:

Youth: Join the May 8 protest/support car parade. We’ll drive by the Youth Services Center on Hogan St. Our youth need to know we see them and we support them. Families need to know the community believes their children should be home during this pandemic, especially if they are sick. Youth service officials will know: we expect action for the lives of our young people. Get all the details HERE

Elections: All those petitions signatures you collected to get CLEAN/Amendment 1 on the ballot are being threatened by the Missouri Legislature! They are trying to pass bills that would make gerrymandering the law of the land. Join us for actions to preserve all the work we did. Also, we need to make sure people know what’s on the ballots in upcoming elections and that people turn out to vote, in person or absentee. Details HERE

Census: It’s still on! We are still reminding to fill out either their paper form and mail it in or go online and fill out their information. The census is how federal and state officials decide how much funding actually needs to go into an area for senior services, youth services, school lunch programs, road work, first responder support: everything our taxes support. Here’s how to do your part: HERE

Outreach to Senior Citizens: Our primary census work has become our Community Ambassadors. We are phone banking and calling seniors to listen and make sure they know help is out there if they need it. We will provide resource numbers to folks who need them. Find out more HERE

Rebecca Klemme Eliceiri

Ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), MCU leader, and librarian who is always interested in equipping people to integrate thoughts and prayers with missional action so we can better work together to build and reveal God's realm.