While we all learn to deal with a new, and hopefully temporary, normal during this time of COVID-19, the Census goes on. By now some of you have already received your census in the mail and the rest of you will soon. The US Census Bureau has suspended field operations until April 1 but that doesn’t stop the census. Our census work in our congregations goes on. MCU Organizer Jai Johnson gives us a great overview of the 2020 US Census, and why it’s so important that you fill yours out!:

So watch and share this video with anyone who needs some convincing! The Census is SOOO important to our communities!

Here’s what you can do:

  • Use email, robocall, FaceBook, Twitter, your website, etc. and keep reminding people to fill out their census and return it by mail or go on line and fill it out.
  • Check out these instructional videos produced by the US Census Bureau: 2020 Census Guide/English and Spanish and Why the Census Matters
  • Get in touch with Jai Johnson about information drops in your congregation’s neighborhood (no contact) and phone-banking: Jai@mcustl.com or 314-320-3214

Susan Sneed