Friday Round-Up: #GOTV Crunch Time and Election Prep…Are You Ready?

MCU GOTV Pre-Election Phone Banking


Moving Our Faith and Values Into Community: You Can (Phone) Bank on It!

We’ve knocked on hundreds of doors informing people about Amendment 1 and Prop B; now we’re phone banking to GOTV (Get Out the Vote) and turn all those signatures we collected into votes. Either phone bank with us at the MCU office or schedule a phone bank with us at your church. Bring your laptop or tablet with you (we will provide one if you don’t; just let us know you’re coming), and your cell phone. If you’ve never phone banked before, not to worry – we provide all the training you’ll need!


GOTV by Email: Voter’s Circle

Want to GOTV but are super-short on time? Use Voter’s Circle – email your friends and family from wherever, whenever – by Tuesday!

For Phone Bank and Voter’s Circle Info:

Sarah at or 913-948-3779

Ready to Vote: Know Before You Go

Go to (the League of Women Voters website), type in your address and you will see the ballot you will be voting on. St. Louis County’s ballot is VERY long….read it first!
Go to and make sure you’re registered to vote. Some people are discovering they’ve been removed from the rolls!!! If you are NOT registered and you know you should be, contact your board of elections for the county where you live ASAP.

You DO NOT need a phote ID to vote. Read the St. Louis American’s article about the recent court ruling and this about Missouri voters not needing a photo ID to vote. In short: “Under the ruling, voters who show non-photo identification will not have to sign the affidavit as it’s currently written. The state, Callahan said, cannot produce any materials that say a photo ID is required to vote, and Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft must make it clear that voters can use other forms of ID.”

As per the Missouri Secretary of State:

  • YOU MAY print out a sample ballot, mark it and use it as a “cheat sheet” when you vote.
  • You may request curb-side voting if you are unable to access your polling place easily.
    Know your voting rights if you are have accessibility issues: HERE
  • NEVER leave your polling place if you have a problem. Ask for the main poll judge or supervisor. You can cast a provisional ballot is nothing else. If you continue to have a problem, call: 1-866-687-8683
  • Check it out what ever Missouri voter should know HERE
  • People with felony convictions CAN vote if they are off all forms of supervision. Read more HERE

Prop B (Raise Up Missouri) Key Points:

  • A full time minimum wage worker currently earns $314/week
  • No one working any job full-time should have to resort to food stamps.
  • When people have more money in their paycheck, they spend it: on food, on clothes, on daily needs.
  • More money in people’s pockets means more money out in the economy.
  • A raise in wages allows people to keep up with the rising costs of groceries, housing and other basics.
  • States with high minimum wages experience a higher standard of living, stronger economies and a more stable workforce.
  • Prop B will raise the minimum wage incrementally to $12.00 an hour by 2023.
  • The Archdiocese of St. Louis endorsement HERE and HERE
  • Ballotpedia information HERE

Amendment 1 (Clean Missouri) Info:

  • Lowers campaign contribution limits for state legislative candidates
  • Eliminates almost all lobbyist gifts
  • Requires politicians to wait two years before becoming lobbyists
  • Requires that legislative records be open to the public
  • Ensures that neither political party is given an unfair advantage when new maps are drawn after the next census, by requiring a nonpartisan expert to draw fair legislative district maps, which would then be reviewed by a citizen commission
  • Jamala Rogers in the St. Louis American HERE
  • Derrick Johnson, national NAACP in the St. Louis Post HERE
  • League of Women Voters/Missouri HERE
  • Ballotpedia Information HERE

Event: Break the Pipeline Orientation Meeting Tuesday, November 27, 6:30pm – MCU Office, 4501 Westminster Pl. (3rd floor), St. Louis, MO 63108 


Tired of “politics as usual”? Interested in improving the lives of St. Louis children by working with other motivated people for long-term, systemic change in St. Louis-area schools, policing, and juvenile justice systems? Did our October 7 public meeting help you to realize that together, we can be the change we hope to see in the world, and that we are the ones we’ve been waiting for? Come on over to learn more about MCU, what the Break the Pipeline campaign is all about, and where you can make a difference by becoming a part of it! This is a great place to start if you are new to MCU or need a refresher. Bring a group from your congregation and come on over!

Ntosake Training and T-Shirts

NTOSAKE, the women’s leadership training in September was a smashing success. Over 90 women traveled to Detroit and have now returned to their own organizations ready to take on the issues that hold down their communities.When did YOU go to Ntosake? Help us send a new generation.

Because it was NTOSAKE’s 25th Anniversary, we designed a new logo and produced a new commemorative shirt – celebrate Susan’s birthday by buying one in November for $15.00!

Contact: to purchase

MCU Membership Assembly: January 31, 2019, Dar Al-Jalal Islamic Center, Hazelwood 63042


MCU’s Annual Membership Assembly is every member congregation/organization’s opportunity to shape MCU in the coming year. All are welcome! Dues-paying member congregations and organizations, please send two representatives from your church/organization to cast votes for new cabinet members, the 2019 budget and approve the plans going forward for our Break the Pipeline campaign.

National Leadership Training and Development Dates

February 24-March 2: Villa Maria, PA

August 11-17: Kenosha, WI (includes EXPO track)

September 19-21: Ntosake – Baltimore, MD

November 10-16: Clarkston, MI

MCU Metropolitan Congregations United Logo

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Ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), MCU leader, and librarian who is always interested in equipping people to integrate thoughts and prayers with missional action so we can better work together to build and reveal God's realm.