Phone Banking: Share the Facts and Win No on 3!

We are in the final days before the election. They are critical. Right now, based on the people we have been talking to there are more “No on 3” votes out there than yes votes. That’s great but….We also know a lot of people were undecided until they got a phone call from someone who walked them through what Amendment 3 really is all about: creating a gerrymandering policy so rigid it will be the worst in the country!

We also know there is still a lot of ‘undecided’ out there. 

We are asking you to make some calls in the last ten days. Tell people about Amendment 3 and ask them to vote no. Here is a specific way to do it:

  • Between October 24 and October 30: commit to 2 phone banking shifts
  • Between October 31 and November 3: commit to 1 phone banking shift
  • Most days have 3 shifts. They are morning (10:30-1:30), afternoon (2:00-5:00), and evening (5:30-8:30).
  • After you sign up, you’ll receive follow-up emails with additional details. Each shift begins with an orientation and training.
  • Returning phone bankers can check in and get started calling right away.

The time is now…
let’s push this over the line!

You can sign up as “MCU”.

Sign up now for your choice shifts!

All phone banking done from you own home… staff person always available for questions.

MCU Staff