Something is Wrong — Letter to the Editor, St. Louis American

“Something Is Wrong”

On February 8, of this year the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI) held a collaborative meeting. Our youth are being sent to detention instead of in class. Something is wrong.

Jessica Karins writes that the disparities in juvenile justice are a: “constitutional violation in the county’s juvenile justice”, “fails to provide constitutionally required due process” and “that juvenile justice discriminates black children”, “fails to ensure adequate legal representation”. The St Louis Family Courts are failing our youth. Something is wrong when a program has been implemented or initiated since 2006 to address these failures, but are not being utilizes to the fullest to be effective. The JDAI aims to keep families and communities together by reducing the number of youth in detention.

This concept of joining families and communities and the success of programs like JDAI and campaigns like Break the Pipeline (BTP) , is deserving of committed workers and public notice. Metropolitan Congregations United (MCU) is very passionate towards doing away with detentions and focusing on breaking the pipeline to prisons. In 2017, MCU had a public meeting. The lack of justice on behalf of the courts gives some explanation why not one judge attended that meeting to make a commitment of justice for our youth.

Again, this year MCU will provide a platform through its public meetings. The event Jammin’ for Justice, held on June 14, 2018 and other grassroots actions to affect change within the justice system and schools will be ongoing.

MCU Staff