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There is never a dull moment in the St. Louis-area social justice scene, and it can be challenging to figure out what’s going on. Listen up as host Kevin Prange gets the lowdown from key players on issues and their impacts reaching from our local St. Louis-area neighborhoods to communities across all of Missouri.

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  • In this episode, listen to the personal stories of MCU organizers about the work over the past year. This work cannot happen without the financial support of the community. You can participate by going to Recently, a group of mothers who support MCU heard the national call to action following the Nov election. They […]
  • Direct action pushes elected officials to pay attention to issues they might ignore. But what happens when an activist enters government service? How does one bring the activist mindset to institutions that work on bargains and not upsetting the status quo? We talk with Rev. Darryl Gray about this balance and how Cori Bush used […]
  • This episode features highlights from the MCU Raise the Age Virtual Rally , recorded on December 10th over Zoom. On Jan 1, 2021, Missouri becomes the latest of 45 states who have raised the age of juvenile jurisdiction! This means 17-year-olds will no longer be automatically tried and incarcerated as adults. But there is more […]
  • We talk with Ronnie Amiyn of EXPO about two actions coming up, Dec. 9th and Dec. 17th. On Dec. 9th, EXPO and MCU will host a virtual conference on housing discrimination of men and women returning from incarcerated. On Dec. 17th, EXPO and MCU will lead an action about the conditions at the Dismas House […]
  • The Missouri State Legislature has been called back for a very rare second special session. On the agenda is allocating COVID-19 relief funds and a pet issue for the Governor. But there have also been hearings to lay the groundwork for reforming the use of force by police in Missouri. Where do things stand and […]