2020 MCU Public Meeting – Part 2

On Sunday, July 19th, Metropolitan Congregations United held it's annual Public Meeting. This podcast is Part 2 of the meeting, highlighting the commitments from member denominations, congregations, and individuals to work for justice in our region and state and to support MCU. Denominational leaders making commitments represented the Catholic church, the United Church of Christ, the Episcopal church, the Disciples of Christ, the United Methodist, the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

This year, in particular, has brought attention to the ongoing racism and inequality in our most important social systems, as well as the actions we can take to make change.

We can ensure equity in healthcare through Medicaid Expansion. We can create fair systems of democracy through the defeat of Amendment 3 and preserving CLEAN Missouri. We can give voting rights to disenfranchised persons through Unlock the Vote.




MCU Staff