Meet The Stars of Jammin’ For Justice @ Home #1

MCU wants to give a big thanks to Nick Gusman and Kip & JJ & Max Loui for lending their amazing musical talents to let everybody get their jam on at the first Jammin’ For Justice @ Home and making it such a success. If you got to hear them, we know you enjoyed it and want to hear more. If you missed it but want to listen to some of the best that St. Louis has to offer in the lane of Americana, here is how you can. Please give them some love and support back from the MCU community.

Nick Gusman

Nick Gusman


Kip & JJ & Max Loui

Kip Loui JJ Loui

You can also find them on iTunes and Amazon music.

See you at Jammin’ For Justice @ Home #2!

MCU Staff