The Phone Banks Are Coming!

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that people like to talk about what’s going on in their lives. As we’ve been knocking on the doors the last couple of months, we’ve heard about people’s struggles with paying the rent, keeping cars running and hoping it stays warm for awhile “….’cause I don’t have a coat!”. People also talked about how much they dislike millionaires buying candidates and how lobbyists are driving legislators’ votes. Gerrymandering was another topic of STRONG dislike. Things have got to change.

What we’ve also learned is that even if we collected over 26, 000 signatures to make sure Amendment 1 (CLEAN MO) and Prop B (RUM) got on the ballot, a lot of people still don’t know about either of them. It’s been exciting and enriching to be out in the community talking about both of them. We’re also talking to people about simply getting out and voting.

Let’s keep the momentum going and get Amendment 1 and Prop B over the line for a win AND help get a big voter turn out for all the important issues on the November 6 ballot.  While there’s still some folks out knocking on doors, we’re setting up phone banks. A lot of you have been waiting for these and now it’s time. Here’s the list of phone banks coming up. Find a day that works for you and let’s start dialing!

Let Sarah know you’re coming or if you have any questions:  or  913-948-3779


Saturday 27th, 1-4PM at the MCU Office, 4501 Westminster Pl 63108

Sunday 28th, 11-4PM at Ethical Society Mid-Rivers, St. Peters  63376


Saturday 3rd, 1-4PM at the MCU Office

Sunday 4th, 2-5PM at the MCU office

Here’s some phone banks in our congregations. More volunteers are welcome:


Thursday 25th, 6-8PM at College Church

Monday 29th, 5pm-8pm at Eliot

Tuesday 30th, 6-8PM at College Church


Monday 5th, 5-8PM at Eliot Chapel

Monday 5th, 6-8PM at College Church

Susan Sneed