Membership in Metropolitan Congregations United

Metropolitan Congregations United has a membership made up of congregations of all faiths, organizations working on compatible social issues and people not affiliated with either a congregation or organization.

Membership requires dues and involvement. MCU ‘s goal is not to be one more membership a congregation can list on its letterhead. MCU wants to build the kind of powerful organization necessary to transform our community.

To that end members pay dues giving them ownership and control of who and what MCU is. Members are involved in creating and working in task forces. Members identify the issues that make up those task forces. Members vote annually on a budget and on a board of directors. A Religious Leaders Caucus meets 2-3 times a year to provide social and theological grounding on issues and to build relationships better the areas clergy and other religious leaders. Dues paying members are eligible to serve on the board, guiding the work and mission of MCU.

For more information on joining MCU, contact Rev. Susan Sneed, Congregational Outreach:

Susan Sneed