I am MCU: Meet some of the folks who make up MCU

Meet Ginny Schrappen

1. What is your congregation/organization?
St. Francis Xavier College Church
2. How long have you been involved with MCU?
14 years
3. What was the first issue or activity you took part in?
The abandoned intersection of Lemay Ferry Rd. and Lindbergh. Stores were closed and there was no activity.
4. What are you doing now with MCU?
Member of the Juvenile Justice Task Force and phone banking
5. Why does working with MCU matter to you?
Being involved with MCU gives me a greater voice and more recognition of the issues being addressed.
6. What do you want to see happen in the future with MCU?
I hope it will continue to grow and expand throughout the Metro Area. it is needed, necessary and positively received.


Susan Sneed