I Am MCU – Thomas Payton

Thomas Payton, photo by Bill Drendel
by Bill Drendel

Thomas Payton

What is your congregation/organization: I am a member of St. John’s UCC -the Beloved Community

How long have you been involved with MCU: I have been involved indirectly and directly with MCU since 2013.

What was the first issue or activity you took part in: My first issue was the ballot initiative for a cap on payday lending.

What are you doing now with MCU: I am currently working with with Juvenile Justice Task Force building the Parent Engagement group and working to expand EXPO (Ex-incarcerated People Organizing) in Missouri.

Why does working with MCU matter to you: Working with MCU matters to me because it allows me to address a broad spectrum of issues that all tie into the inequities in Juvenile and Social Justice. It gives me the chance to be an advocate not just for my grandchildren, but for the younger versions of myself who, are often dismissed and marginalized by the systems that are in place.

What do you want to see happen in the future with MCU: I would really like to see MCU become a powerful force that gains the respect and fear of legislators locally and statewide.

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